Things To Do

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7 Aspire Holiday Apartment is in an ideal location, being less than 100m from Bootham Bar, one of the historic gates to the walled city of York, and only 250m from the magnificent York Minster. Everything you might wish to see in the centre of York is within walking distance of the apartment, with most things only 5-10mins away on foot.

The TripAdvisor widget to the right gives you easy access to details about where to stay and to eat, and ideas for things to do.  The widget is a little lacking in detail, in that the map and the tabs only display the top 5 rated places in each category, though there is a link  to a fuller list on each tab.  Because only the top 5  restaurants are shown on the map, we have produced a more accurate picture of places to eat within 400m of 7 Aspire Restaurant Map

The area around Bootham Bar is a mixture of Regency and Victorian buildings - everything from grand façades to humble red brick, a mixture of retail, office, entertainment and residential properties.

York is one the UK's main tourist centres, with a multitude of things to see and do - too many to list here! York is renowned for its architecture, museums and its cultural heritage, including theatres, cinemas and street entertainment.  In addition there are numerous places to shop, including a host of individual one-off shops and regular street markets. As for eating, there are cafes, bars and restaurants of all types; it is reckoned there are over 500 different places to eat in York, so there is bound to be something to everyone’s taste.  

For those here for a longer stay, the area around York contains many attractions, from stately homes to theme parks, from magnificent countryside to traditional English seaside; the choice of attractions within one hour travelling of York, could fill holidays for years.